Monday, January 7, 2008

Gloomy Sunday...non.

Thursday rite....yeah IST. I dont leave loopholes. Gloomy Sunday is a nice song. Heard a certain Sarah female's rendition. Am still alive n kicking(figuratively), dunno y its called d Suicide song. Of course, a bulk of d bored humans(bloggers) reading dis(if any at all) r clueless abt d entiregoddamned topic itself. Too bad. Type in ur address bar cause i aint enlightening ya. As questioning the purpose of this blog, eh?? Tis just dat i love it wen i know sumfin u dont....n trust me, d things u dont know wud make an encyclopaedia(dis is the correct spelling,keep dose eyebrows aligned). I love this blogging thingy. For the moment atleast.

Grumble grumble ...bah humbug.

I hate this template. N i dont have d time or inclination to create one of my own. Ruddy endeavour. I hate it when 15 or 16 yr old wankers snag a girl n think demselves to b Ben Hur. Stupid shenanigans.Y do v fret abt d polar caps melting...i dont hear d penguins complanin, do ya. Put a lid on it already. Hatred is much more invigourating than love. No one can question it. I hate it wen cartoons like Mask r dubbed in Hidi and Milo becomes billu or some such have-yous.N i hate it wen ppl ask me abt y iam cribbing. D answer is pooping on ur face.Coz d government just doesn't listen.